Listening to my fave song, Grow old with you makes me fall in love with love over and over again and looking at my husband makes me wanna say, Thank God for this special moment. Life is not always like this, it’s a rollercoaster ride sometimes. Rough roads with twist and turns. But we choose to stay together. It’s still a long shot to go. Kids are still young but I’m hoping and praying that I will never regret that moment I choose him.

Marry someone that can love e you for the rest of his life. And choose someone that you can live with for the rest of your life. Marriage is a challenging yet rewarding relationship. A contract between two person to tolerate each other and accept each other’s flaws and faults for the rest of their life. Love should have no rhyme and reason. Marriage with love is something beautiful and can only happen ones in a lifetime (you can marry several times but true love can only happened once).

But how can marriage be successful? Simple, one should be a leader and one is follower. Don’t matter much if it’s the husband or the wife who’s leading as long as one of them is following. Can’t be both leader because it will be a battle of will and wisdom. One should stay behind, empower the one who lead and stand still for both of them.

Marriage is a wonderful experience. Take the chance, learn to live with it and love the one you love. Stay inlove and fall inlove over and over again. Find ways to make each other fall in love to each other everyday. And if one of you made a mistake remember why you choose and love that person. Learn to accept and forgive. Find way back to each other and if in the end things doesn’t work out then have courage to let go, live and love again.


***video credit to youtube.com