I know worrying will certainly not gonna help me or anyone to solve a problem but can we really not worry about things we love? It’s like not caring at all, much like letting it just be like that and not feeling at all.

Truth be told, we all worry and we all think what’s gonna happened or how’s that person or is it gonna work out or is it gonna be alright. For me, it’s okay to worry. It’s okay to think of those we love. It’s okay to wonder. But what is not okay is to stress ourself and forget what’s around us and other important things that is not okay. It’s not cool and not okay to let the moment slip away just because something else is in our mind.

Appreciate what you have, what’s around you and be happy even at the hardest time be because someday when you look at it, what matter most at that time is not actually what’s important afterwards! C’est la vie…that’s life!

Getting worried and being worried is what life made of because we care and we love but how we actually respond and how we take it is what matter. Worrying is okay but mopping about it and spending all your time about it is what’s not okay.