You don’t have to be stuck in where you are because you have a choice. Never think that there’s no way you can live again. Life sucks and unfair but you always have a choice how you like to take it. Get up and start over again. Not once, twice or thrice. Do it over and over again. It can get tiring sometimes and you can rest but never give up.

There’s something out there for you to discover. When you failed, wanted to give up and just plain tired. Stop, pause and rest. Think why you want to do it. No matter what’s your answer. No matter what you need to do. Don’t get stuck on that pathetic state of mind. Once you’re recharge, go out and start over again. That’s what is living for. That’s what life is all about.

Create a life where every moment is an opportunity to be happy. And choose to be happy always. Happiness is a state of mind and you always have a choice.