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Woman Psyche is all about what's inside the head of a woman. The inner psyche that wants to be heard.

Wanna Grow Old With You


Listening to my fave song, Grow old with you makes me fall in love with love over and over again and looking at my husband makes me wanna say, Thank God for this special moment. Life is not always like this, it’s a rollercoaster ride sometimes. Rough roads with twist and turns. But we choose to stay together. It’s still a long shot to go. Kids are still young but I’m hoping and praying that I will never regret that moment I choose him.

Marry someone that can love e you for the rest of his life. And choose someone that you can live with for the rest of your life. Marriage is a challenging yet rewarding relationship. A contract between two person to tolerate each other and accept each other’s flaws and faults for the rest of their life. Love should have no rhyme and reason. Marriage with love is something beautiful and can only happen ones in a lifetime (you can marry several times but true love can only happened once).

But how can marriage be successful? Simple, one should be a leader and one is follower. Don’t matter much if it’s the husband or the wife who’s leading as long as one of them is following. Can’t be both leader because it will be a battle of will and wisdom. One should stay behind, empower the one who lead and stand still for both of them.

Marriage is a wonderful experience. Take the chance, learn to live with it and love the one you love. Stay inlove and fall inlove over and over again. Find ways to make each other fall in love to each other everyday. And if one of you made a mistake remember why you choose and love that person. Learn to accept and forgive. Find way back to each other and if in the end things doesn’t work out then have courage to let go, live and love again.


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Worrying worry

I know worrying will certainly not gonna help me or anyone to solve a problem but can we really not worry about things we love? It’s like not caring at all, much like letting it just be like that and not feeling at all.

Truth be told, we all worry and we all think what’s gonna happened or how’s that person or is it gonna work out or is it gonna be alright. For me, it’s okay to worry. It’s okay to think of those we love. It’s okay to wonder. But what is not okay is to stress ourself and forget what’s around us and other important things that is not okay. It’s not cool and not okay to let the moment slip away just because something else is in our mind.

Appreciate what you have, what’s around you and be happy even at the hardest time be because someday when you look at it, what matter most at that time is not actually what’s important afterwards! C’est la vie…that’s life!

Getting worried and being worried is what life made of because we care and we love but how we actually respond and how we take it is what matter. Worrying is okay but mopping about it and spending all your time about it is what’s not okay.

Just Enjoy The Show

woman psyche

You don’t have to understand life. It’s complex and challenging. Embrace it. Just like watching movies, relax and enjoy the show. In life there’s no happy ending. But dreams do come true. You can not have everything but you can do something with your life. You have your own free will.

Life is a mystery, don’t stress yourself…just enjoy the show!



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Beauty in Black and White

I heard someone saying that life is beautiful when it’s full of color. But I say, there is more beauty in black and white!photogrid_1478435601933

Starting Over Again

You don’t have to be stuck in where you are because you have a choice. Never think that there’s no way you can live again. Life sucks and unfair but you always have a choice how you like to take it. Get up and start over again. Not once, twice or thrice. Do it over and over again. It can get tiring sometimes and you can rest but never give up.

There’s something out there for you to discover. When you failed, wanted to give up and just plain tired. Stop, pause and rest. Think why you want to do it. No matter what’s your answer. No matter what you need to do. Don’t get stuck on that pathetic state of mind. Once you’re recharge, go out and start over again. That’s what is living for. That’s what life is all about.

Create a life where every moment is an opportunity to be happy. And choose to be happy always. Happiness is a state of mind and you always have a choice.


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